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We are Belle Archaphorn and Steve Bonomo, and we are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) from Tanzania. We just recently closed our service (COSed) in Tanzania in mid-September 2014. Steve was an Education volunteer in Njombe region for three years teaching Math and Physics. During his third year, he also conducted numerous science competitions and conferences at various volunteers' schools. Belle was an Education volunteer in Mbeya region for two years teaching Physics, Chemistry and Math. Steve and Belle were also a part of a science and math education group in Peace Corps called, Shika na Mikono.

To learn more about...
Steve's Peace Corps experience, read his blog at:  safaritanzania-steve.blogspot.com
Belle's Peace Corps experience, read her blog at:  belleofafrica.blogspot.com
the Shika na Mikono group, visit the website:  shikamikonotz.webs.com

We loved being in Tanzania and will definitely miss it, so it would not be surprising if we returned one day. For now, our time as PCVs is up and we need to move on to another chapter in our lives. But before we head home to America, we decided to go on an excellent adventure around the world!

Both of us had talked about our favorite destinations while in the Peace Corps, but the actual planning started in February of this year. It definitely took a lot of planning! Days in front of two overheated computers filling in worksheet after worksheet in Excel and over a dozen flights later, we were done with the meat of our itinerary. Our general trip itinerary can be found here.

We love traveling and cannot wait to share our experiences with you! Thank you for reading and party on, dudes!

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